Reimagine the possible through technology adoption

Integrated Education Management System

Reimagine the possible through technology adoption

Integrated Education Management System

A PwC India SaaS Solution

PwC, with its vast experience in education sector has foreseen the need of digital transformation and technology adoption by the education institutes. We understand that the digital transformation of an education institute should focus on few important dimensions such as – paperless operations, automations, collaboration & personalization, blended learning capability, smart data driven decision making, stakeholder engagement, anytime & anywhere accessibility with high availability, information security, low cost of ownership and digital access to assets PwC Introduces its Integrated Education Management System (IEMS), to cater all the needs of the above-mentioned dimensions. It’s a coherent solution with multiple modules designed to work seamlessly.

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Excessive manual work and rework

Lack of internal and external communication

Stakeholder engagement, collaboration & personalization

Distributed / scattered systems

Data redundancy, inaccuracy and lack of data insight

Lack of accessibility

Our solution

IEMS is an AI enabled, agile, robust and intuitive education suite that aims to solve key problems of the institutes & provide organizational efficiency by bringing all the stakeholders under one platform. Student gets insightful information through comprehensive portal and mobile app that makes learning fun, collaborative, and personalized. Faculty can optimize their time on improving the quality of education instead of being stuck in mundane administrative task. Administrative staff can manage support functions on a single platform for seamless running of day-to-day operations. Management gets access to actionable insights that facilitate key decision making IEMS empowers its stakeholders with performance tracking, automated communications, dynamic reporting, data driven decision support to improve efficiency and academic performance. IEMS helps to enhance the brand value and provide edge over the competition.

Key Modules

  • Lead capture
  • Follow up
  • Nurturing
  • Registration
  • Payments
  • Prospect dashboard
  • Admission management
  • Fee payment
  • Course details
  • Service request
  • Placement opportunities
  • Learning progression
  • Learning & development
  • Timetable & calendars
  • Notice & circular
  • Chat, blog and forum
  • Course management
  • Staff allotment with workload management
  • Curriculum management
  • Timetable & Calendar
  • Notice & Circular
  • Service request
  • Communication & attendance
  • Event management
  • Fee templates
  • Fee heads
  • Instalments
  • Discount
  • Concessions
  • Refund

It offers a single portal for prospects, students and alumni to collaborate and communicate

  • Offline assessment
  • Assignment
  • Operations
  • Opportunities
  • Job description
  • Events
  • CV upload
  • Business rules for shortlisting
  • Placement record updates
  • Registration
  • Interactions
  • Requests
  • Events
  • Placements
  • Content design
  • Progress tracking
  • Self-learning
  • Virtual learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Collaboration & gamification
  • AI-based proctoring
  • Invigilator allocation & dashboard
  • Warnings
  • System rules
  • Tracking
  • Fairness score
  • Employee Details
  • Statutory & Compensation Setup
  • Increments & Promotions
  • Exit Management
  • Investments & Flexible Benefits
  • Loans & Advances Management
  • Tax & Salary Processing
  • e-TDS
  • Challan Generation
  • Payroll Compliance Reports
  • Leave management
  • Attendance
  • Pay slip
  • Issue
  • Return
  • Suggest
  • Reserve
  • Late fine calculation & collection
  • Account Masters Configuration & Budgeting
  • Opening Balance Masters and Closing Books
  • Account Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • e-TDS Challans and Returns
  • Additional Features
  • Reports and Financial Statements

Features to Support - National
Education Policy 2020

  • Configurable course duration and semesters. (3 or 4 years undergraduate course)
  • Feature to create a master of learning outcome for any program.
  • Tag every lesson, assessment to one or more outcomes.
  • Track outcome completion for students.

1. Credit Point

  • Provision of learning hours in every lesson. (Theory and practical hours)
  • Provision to assign credit points in subjects. (1 credit point = 1 theory hour or 2 practical hours)
  • 2. Major and Minor

  • Define major and minor subjects either by total credit point or by a number of subjects.
  • Students to select their preferred combination for major and minor.
  • 3. Core and Electives

  • Provision to define core and elective subjects.
  • Students to select electives across disciplines.
  • Accumulate credit points accordingly.
  • 4. Multiple Entry Multiple Exit

  • Provision to have a different fee structure at every entry point.
  • For credit transfer and credit redemption, Integration with the newly launched UGC credit bank is in our roadmap.
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